Dissemination of the project’s Intellectual Outpus during the SuperTabi_22 Conference

   12 Christmas ‘Habits’- Feliz Natal!/Crăciun fericit!

   An absolutely amazing activity, with a strong impact on both the Romanian and the Portuguese students involved in it, took place around Christmas. The participating schools were Scoala Primară Carol I from Iași, Romania and Escola Básica Gonçalo Mendes de Maia, Portugal and the activity was coordinated by the teachers Maria Irene Tiago from Portugal and Irina Raluca Ciobanu form Romania. This mini extracurricular project that we incorporated into our main project 12 Habits for Success, was a success in itself, taking into account the enthusiasm shown by both the Romanian and the Portuguese students.

   It all started from learning the differences between habit, custom, and tradition. The students made a selection of topics they would like to reaserch on, like: Christmas decorations, food, drinks, family time, folk songs, etc. and gathered into small work groups. Each group made a short presentation on the topic they chose and, on the set day, they delivered their presentations for the children in the partner country.

   Not only was this mini project fun for our students but it was also highly informative in a very pleasant, informal and relaxed way and it helped us built on their respect and curiosity for other cultures, on their responsibility as members of team, on their negotiation and creative skills when achieving their presentations and their confidence in delivering them to their mates form Portugal and Romania.

   Our students’ positive reactions, their interest and willingness to have more such activities could be the starting point for further collaboration in similarly attractive projects.

   AEGMMaia – RO – PT online event – Sharing is Caring – EBJI D.Manuel – 60 students ( 4th E; 4th F; 4th G)

   12 HABITS FOR SUCCESS empowers teachers and students with educational materials and approaches for habits building and personal growth as lifelong learners citizens in a changing society.

Dissemination and Piloting activity at EEB4

’12 Habits for Success’ Portuguese press releases

A glimpse back into #ErasmusDays at AEGM School, Maia, Portugal

   The Multiplier Event in European School of Brussels IV- Belgium that took place on June 23rd   was a success.

   There were more than 55 participants at the event. During the day we listened to a variety of interesting and enriching presentations delivered by our guests. The project coordinator and the whole team presented an overview of the project- the lesson activities, the dissemination and the piloting process, the outcomes and the results, the feedback from pupils, parents and teachers. The intellectual outputs- the Methodology and the Student activity books were very well introduced to the audience. In the second part of The Multiplier event we organized workshops with the participants, piloting the activities in the Students Book and the Methodology Book. We received much positive feedback regarding the event, so we can say that we have successfully concluded the project. The event was followed by a cocktail and refreshments an excellent opportunity to have nice friendly conversations for future possibilities.


   You can build your own image of what the Multiplier Event meant by having a look at all the materials presented on the occasion, and which we are glad to share below.

   LTTA 6-10 June, Maia Porto, Portugal

   Last week, 5 educational practitioners/teachers from each partner institution in the Erasmus + project entitled 12 habits for Success, attended the transnational training event, organized by another partener organization, Make it Pedagogical from Maia, Portugal, with the support of Know and Can organization, Bulgaria. During five busy, but fantastic days the teachers were trained on using the 12 habits Methodology guide and Students activity Book so that they might later on prepare their own individual and group sessions.

   During the 25 hours of face-to -face training we had fun putting into practice the activities designed by each partner school and learning how to work with students and prepare trainig sessions on habit-building techniques for age groups (6-10 y.o., 10-14 y.o. 14-16 y.o, and 16-19 y.o).

   The teachers and trainers who attended the event were introduced to the intellectual outputs of the project, which will deffinitely raise the effectiveness of the project products and will also add value to the dissemination of the results. They will highlight the importance of creating habits that will contribute to the students’ personal and professioal growth. The outputs will be shared during the multiplier event that will take place next week in Belgium and will be organized by the European School of Brussles IV. As well as this, all the attendants enjoyed the presentation on the importance of game based learning and gamification delivered, by Marco Bento, in a contrastive way, which highlighted their common points but mainly what differentiates the two approaches.

   Apart from its professional side, the meeting created an excellent multi-cultural working environment, with its challenges which werea mazingly completed by all the participants, both in class and during the social lunches we had together. To put it in a nutshell, what we had were five working days of excellent vibe, commitment and cooperation.

   3rd Transnational Meeting



1st March

2nd March

   #Eramsus Days 2021 at Școala Primară ‘Carol I’, Iași

   Another year has passed and the Primary School “Carol I” Iasi has yet again organized a series of exciting activities to celebrate the European event #ErasmusDays, which was held between 14-16th of October and was meant to consolidate the “12 Habits for Success” as well as make youngsters aware of the importance of developing those habits in their future professional lives.

   The pupils of the second and third grade joined different workshops run by an enthusiastic group of parents and discovered the “habits”, values and skill set that their job is based on, and also the relevance of cultivating those aspects since their early school years. The work atmosphere, the children’s enthusiasm as well as their parents’ who took it upon themselves to become teachers, even for a little while, has proved once again that quality education is always done with the implication of  the three major factors: child, teacher and parent.

   Another activity that took place during this event was a short online dialogue with primary school students from AEGM-Maia, our Portuguese partner. Needless to say, it was a premiere in our school, but the kids prepared for this with joy, interest and a lot of nerves. Creating such an authentic communication context, with the help of the online platforms, even at these relatively small ages, was a wonderful and unique experience that we would like to repeat as soon as possible.

   The European School of Brussels IV, Belgium:

   Building the habits by encouraging kids to join in practical activities, within the implementation stage of the „12 Habits for Success” project.

   Click on each picture for a better view of the materials.



   At the end of the first project year, 119 Secondary School Academician Mihail Arnaudov, the Bulgarian Partner in charge with organizing the IO1 and IO2 created a piloting questionnaire and got the first set of results, following the piloting sessions each partner organized in their schools in October, this year.

   Click here to see the Piloting questionnaire.

   Click here to read the results of the questionnaire.

   A short, lively and illustrative video gives us better insight into what they are currently working on.

   You can enjoy the video by clicking the picture below.

   Make It Pedagogical, our Portuguese partner in charge with the monitoring of the progress, quality and achievement of the project activities has designed a Quality Management Plan that all the partners agreed on. For the end of the first project year, Make It Pedagogical have created a questionnaire covering all the important issued that might have been raised so far. They cover the partners’ communication within the framework of the project, whether that means communication with the coordinating school or communication among the partners, collaboration and support during formal meetings but also outside scheduled meetings, their contributions to the project, the distribution of the tasks among the partners, the activities they have already achieved, the ones that are planned for the second year of the project, as well as the ones that will ensure the project’s sustainability and impact beyond its lifetime.

   You can read the Quality Management Plan here and have a look at the questionnaire here.

   Apart from the children, our main beneficiaries, teachers and teacher trainers are a target group, with whom we intend to share the experience gained through this project and, therefore, an important group to which we have decided to make our work known. Concise and clear Microsoft Powerpoint presentations  have been created by some of the project partners to be used in informative work session and workshops. 


Dissemination activities on the occasion of the 4th edition of the #ErasmusDays2020


   TV feature at TVR Iași about the first year of implementation of the project at Școala Primară ‘Carol I’, Iași.

   Press release in an important regional newspaper about 12 Habits for Success and its first year of implementation, 16.10.2020.

   Rounding up activities on Erasmus days at Școala Primară ‘Carol I’, Iași.

   Disseminating and sharing activity at Escola Básica Gonçalo Mendes de Maia.