At the end of the first project year, 119 Secondary School Academician Mihail Arnaudov, the Bulgarian Partner in charge with organizing the IO1 and IO2 created a piloting questionnaire and got the first set of results, following the piloting sessions each partner organized in their schools in October, this year.

Click here to see the Piloting questionnaire.

Click here to read the results of the questionnaire.

A short, lively and illustrative video gives us better insight into what they are currently working on.

You can enjoy the video by clicking the picture below.

Make It Pedagogical, our Portuguese partner in charge with the monitoring of the progress, quality and achievement of the project activities has designed a Quality Management Plan that all the partners agreed on. For the end of the first project year, Make It Pedagogical have created a questionnaire covering all the important issued that might have been raised so far. They cover the partners’ communication within the framework of the project, whether that means communication with the coordinating school or communication among the partners, collaboration and support during formal meetings but also outside scheduled meetings, their contributions to the project, the distribution of the tasks among the partners, the activities they have already achieved, the ones that are planned for the second year of the project, as well as the ones that will ensure the project’s sustainability and impact beyond its lifetime.

You can read the Quality Management Plan here and have a look at the questionnaire here.

Apart from the children, our main beneficiaries, teachers and teacher trainers are a target group, with whom we intend to share the experience gained through this project and, therefore, an important group to which we have decided to make our work known. Concise and clear Microsoft Powerpoint presentations  have been created by some of the project partners to be used in informative work session and workshops. 


Dissemination activities on the occasion of the 4th edition of the #ErasmusDays2020


TV feature at TVR Iași about the first year of implementation of the project at Școala Primară ‘Carol I’, Iași.

Press release in an important regional newspaper about 12 Habits for Success and its first year of implementation, 16.10.2020.

Rounding up activities on Erasmus days at Școala Primară ‘Carol I’, Iași.

Disseminating and sharing activity at Escola Básica Gonçalo Mendes de Maia.