3rd Transnational Meeting

Spring has come this year with the 3rd Transnational meeting of the partners from the 12 Habits for Success Erasmus project. 

At the end of almost two years of exclusively online meetings and lots of emails exchanged among us for the well-running of the project, 1st March brought us the joy of a face-to face, two-day meeting, which was hosted in Palermo by ‘Instituto Superiore Duca Abruzzi Libero Grassi’.

Since 1st March has a special meaning for our Bulgarian and Romanian partners, the attendants received ‘martisoare’/martenitsa, lucky charms that were meant to bring them luck, health and joy throughout the year.

The cheerful opening was followed by hours of intense and fruitful work. During the two full days we revised, analysed, came up with suggestions and solutions to cover the next important steps to be taken. The coffee breaks and the delicious Sicilian lunch we shared were as many moments for us to catch up with each other and enjoy the time spent together. Many thanks to our hosts and to all our partners for their valuable contributions during the two days.


Please enjoy a short video of the meeting created by our Portuguese partners, and have a look at our work agenda.



3rd Online Meeting

The 12 Habits for Success partners  had their 3rd online meeting, on 24th February. Irene Tiago opened the meeting on behalf of the organizing partner, Escola Basica Gonçalo mendes da Maia.  One important point was the completion and presentation of the first part of the Methodology Guide for teachers and trainers and of the Students’ Activity Book. Several suggestions were made as to the ways in which the partners can measure the impact of the project on the organizations and participants. The working plan, the work breakdown structures and the deadlines for the next three months were settled on this occasion too.

The partners exchanged ideas and the results of their work in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, where creative solutions to overcome any difficulty that might arise were welcome and agreed on. We are looking forward to our 4th meeting, which will take place in June.

Please click on the below poster to see the video presentation that summarises this meeting.


In spite of the hard times we are all facing, the experienced, resourceful and enthusiastic team of the 12 Habits for Success, Erasmus + project, took a virtual trip to Iasi for  their second online meeting, which resulted in a fruitful, friendly and fun time. Not only did we work on the further steps to be taken, but we also encouraged each other to stay positive and supportive for our students during the ongoing pandemic.

Click here to enjoy a short video of the event.

The 14th of July brought us all together for our first international online project meeting, which replaced the one scheduled for April in Sofia. The new circumstances generated by the world pandemic of Sars-CoV-2 asked for new approaches, so we decided to move online. Below, there is a short video which summarises the main moments and topics discussed on this occasion. 

Powtoon – 1st Online Meeting 12 HABITS FOR SUCCESS Erasmus+


The October kick-off event was a success. You can access the agenda of the kick-off meeting here.

You can check out the presentation video of the kick-off event here.

Big thanks to all the international teams involved!

Online meeting on the 12 of November 2020 and hosted by Școala Primară “CAROL I” IAȘI.